Annual PICTA Miniature Pressing Iron Auction

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Annual PICTA Miniature Pressing Iron Auction

July 10th @ 6:30pm

Selling 200 Lots of Miniature Pressing Irons, Cast Iron Banks, and Stoves. Including a Large Example of The Flat Iron Building Bank, Harpel Miniature Swan, The “Smallest” Fluter, Amazoc Irons, Painted Swans, Miniature Advertising Irons, Small and Miniature German Box and Oxtongue Irons, Miniature Fluters and Flat Irons and many more fine examples of Small Size Irons.

Note:  All Irons will be shipped from Bangor, PA


Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc.

521 Richmond Road, Bangor, PA  18013

Phone: 610.588.5831   Toll Free: 1.800.724.6808   Fax:  610.588.6206

PA # AU – 000395-L  |  AH – 1919  |  EST. 1943

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