Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc. is Family Owned & Operated Celebrating 80 years in Business!  We have conducted thousands of successful sales and have a diversified knowledge of the Antique / Auction & Appraisal business. We buy complete estates, or single items. No job is too big or small. Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc. also offers “Total Clean Outs” where they sort the non sellable from the sellable items and will leave the premise broom swept and ready to go. We customize each job to accommodate you, the client. NO job is ever the same. Everyone’s situations differ.

Reasons to Sell by Auction
  • Anything you own in real or personal property can be sold at auction.
  • The auction method is a quick and efficient means of converting your property, possessions, or inventory into cash.
  • You decide when to sell.
  • Competition among buyers for your property is greatly increased at an auction.
  • Compare your benefit.  The auction method can outperform any other marketing method for whatever you have to sell.

The auction method is a modern application of a time honored idea.  Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc. will show you how an auction is the best means of achieving “fair market value” for any item in the marketplace, at a given time.  The auction industry is a people oriented profession to provide satisfying service to both the buyer and seller.

Auctions are not distress sales, not a last resort action taken.  An auction is simply another place to buy what you’re looking for… another marketing method to sell what you have at a fair market price.

Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc.:
  • Will assist you, or completely prepare your auction on site.
  • Will pack and transport items to be sold at  521 Richmond Road in Bangor, PA.
  • Prepare effective, economical advertising for newspapers, trade journals,           brochures and of course on the internet.
  • Provide efficient clerk and cashier services with  computerized programming.
  • Perform prompt, reliable auctions.
  • Licensed and bonded and will sell “anything” ~ “anywhere”.


For consultation just email us at or call 610-588-5831.  Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc. well be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.