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Friday, November 22 @ 4pm (catalog to start at 5pm)

Live Auctioneers and Live Gallery Auctions

Antique & Modern Firearms, Knives, Civil War to WW II Items, Decoys & Much More

Selling from 3 Quality Estates on Friday, November 22 @ 4pm (Catalog @ 5pm)

Preview:  Thursday, November 21st 10am-4pm & Friday, November 22nd Noon to Sale Time

Whitney Kennedy Rifle 44/40, Colt Burgess Model 1872 44/40 Baby Carbine, Grandville Henry 44 Cal Rifle, Spencer 1860 52 Cal Rifle, Harper’s Ferry 1816 Mustetoon, Burnside Carbine, 1878 Us Springfield 45/70, 1873 Us Springfield 45/70, 1884 Us Springfield 45/70, R Mccormick Flintlock Pistol, R.D. Johnson Flintlock Rifle, Great John McCahan Percussion Rifle, (2) Winchester 1873 Rifle 38/40, Rare Winchester 1873 22, Winchester 1885 32 Short, Winchester 1890  22L, Colt Lightning 22, System Aydt Schuetzen Rifle 8.15 X 46,  Antique Turkish Flintlock, Zoli Zoyare 58 Cal, Barnet English Percussion Rifle, IBM M-1 Carbine, Winchester 1917 30-06, Us Springfield M-1 Garand, (2) 1898 Us Spring Field 30/40 Krag, 1903 Us Springfield 30-06, Swedish M96 Mauser, Spanish La Corona 43, Mosin Naggant 91/30 Sniper Rifle, Mosin Naggant 91, Arisaka Type 38, (10+) WW II ERA Dummy Guns, etc.

LC Smith 169, Fox Sterlingworth 12 Ga, Marlin X936 30/30, Marlin 1881 38/55, Winchester 52b W/Redfield Olympic Sights, Remington 513t, Remington 600 .22 Cal W/Bull Barrell, Ithica 51 12 Ga 3”, Remington 870  12 Ga, Carl Gustaf 6.5×55,  Remington 7615  223, Remington 504  .17, Remington 700  .204 Ruger, (2) Weatherby Mark V 460 & 378, Mannlicher Schoenauer 1956  30-06 Double Set Trigger, Armi-Sport 1861  58 Cal, Belgium Browning A5  12ga, American Tactical GSG-522, Etc.

Pistols:  Colt 1908 Vest Pocket, Ruger Model 22/45, Colt 1911 MK IV   95, Colt Combat Commander 45, Glock Model 27  40 Cal, Colt Root Revolver, Civil War Ear Percussion Horse Pistol, Mauser Luger 41 BYF Matching #’S W/Holster, Colt MK IV 45, S & W Model 38 Hand Ejector, S & W Da 45, S & W K-22, S & W 1917 Da 45, S & W 629-1 44 Mg, Ruger New Model Blackhawk 45 W/Box, Colt 1909 Us Army 45

Knives & Bayonets:  (Items from an Old-time Collection) Civil War Dahlgren Bowie Knife, Rare Brass Handle Civil War Bowie, Civil War Era Starr Bowie Knife, & Other Bowies, Civil War Confederate Short Artillery Sword, US Camillus Combat, US Karbar, US Bolo 1917, US M4 Bayonets, US 1943 M-1 Garand Bayonet, US WW I Bayonet, US M5 Bayonet, US M5 A-1 Bayonets, US WW II Fighting Knives, WW II German Officers Dagger, Romo German Dagger, 19 Century Sailors Knife, German Bayonet, Springfield Trap Door Scabbard, Indian War Era Collins Bolo Knife, German WW II  Dress Bayonet, Civil War Era Pinfire Revolver Civil War Ear French Le Faucheux Pine Fire Revolver, Sharps Civil War Relic, WW II Nazi  Badges, & Arm Banks, Hitler Youth Dagger & Other German PC’s, ZF4 Scope,

Other:  Antique Duck Decoys, Winchester Gun Safe, ZF4 Scope, Mounts, Bronzes, Nazi WW II Memoir.


Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc.

521 Richmond Road, Bangor, PA  18013

Phone: 610.588.5831   Toll Free: 1.800.724.6808   Fax:  610.588.6206

PA # AU – 000395-L  |  AH – 1919  |  EST. 1943

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