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Summer Firearm Auction on Friday, July 17th at 3pm

Selling from a Sussex County New Jersey Estate

Of Private First Class Sanford Levenson.

Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc.

Summer Firearms Auction

Friday July 17th 2020 – 3:00pm

Previews: July 15th 10:00 am – 2:00 pm July 16th 10:00 am – 4:00 pm – July 17th (Day of Auction) 12:00 pm -3:00 pm

Selling from the Estate of Private First Class Sanford Levenson and a Mount Bethel, Pa. Estate. Over 500 lots including:  WWII Nazi Germany Rifles, Swords, Daggers, Patches, Medals, Tinnies, Arm Bands, Flags, and more – Hunting Rifles Include: Winchester, Remington, Browning, Marlin, Ruger, and Colt – Over 75 pistols including: Colt, Browning, Mauser, Astra, Remington, Smith and Wesson, H&R, and a Fine Selection of Philadelphia Derringer and Civil War Era Revolvers and Rifles Including: Sharps Spencers, and more…

Highlights include:  Antique Revolver’s:  French model 1777 Cavalry Pistol, French 1837 Marine, Civil War Rim Fire, Hopkins & Allen XL5 Rev, Philadelphia Derringer, Colt Army 1860 Fluted, Colt Bisleys, Colt 1862, Colt 1849 pocket, Colt 1877 Lighting, Remington 1875 SAA, Remington New Model, C Sharps Pepperbox, Modern Pistols: (2) Colt MKIV in box, Ithica 1911  45, N.I.B. Colt Python Stainless,  S & W 34-1, S & W 15-4, 686-3, S & W 18-3-25-2, S & W 57, S & W Third model, S & W DA First model, S & W 29-3, Ruger Black Hawk, Browning Hi Power, FN 1910 Semi Auto, Czech V230 Flair Gun, Mauser HSC, Browning F.N Baby, Astra Automatic Pistol with Capture Papers, Walter P-38’s, & More…

Antique Harpers Ferry 1842 Musket, Parker Snow 1864 Musket, U.S. Springfield: 1870, 1884, 1864,

1865 Tower Musket, Winchester 1892, 1865 Spencer Carbin, 1863 Sharps, (2) Winchester 1873, Winchester 9422 XTR, III U.S. Springfield M-1 Garands, Quality Hardware M-1 Carbin, Underwood M-1 carbine, (2) U.S. Springfield 1898, U.S. 1903, Military:  U.S. Remington 03-A3’s, U.S. Smith corona 03-A3, Colt Sporter Target 223, Colt AR-15, Russian SKS 45, Russian SVT 40, Norinco Mak 90, Auto Ordance 1927, Arsenal KT 39, Czech VT  52, Egyptian Maadi AK-47, Steyr Mann Licher M 95, French MLE m 16, Rare WW II Nazi Mauser 98 BYF 43, III Mauser 98, Turkish Mauser, Yugoslavia M48 Mauser, Brazilian Mauser, Marlin 1889, Jap Arisakas, Carcanos, Steyr M95, Modern Rifles:  Colt Sauer, Marlin 336 32 sp, Sav 340c, Husqvarna Bolt Action 30-06, Ruger M77, Remington 700 BDL, Ruger #1, Ruger Mini 30, Winchester Commeratives, Winchester model 61 22 mag, Henry Golden Boy 22, Winchester 70 pre 64  270 & 243, Browning Bar, Browning BLR, Remington Gallery Special Savage 99m, Shotguns:  Henry DBL Hammer, Ithica DBL’s, Parker Bros Trojan, (3) Winchester Model 12’s, LC Smith’s, Winchester 1897 & 1893, Remington 870 1, Modern Flintlock Rifles, Winchester 1887, Other Interest: T. Sparks Philadelphia Shotbag, Ammo, Holsters, Powder horns, Decoys, Early Naval Coat.  Excellent Selection of 18th and 19th Century Trappers Guns and Burgler Alarms, Ammunition, (3) Gun Safes, Antique Tools, Accessories, and more

Swords: WWII Japanese Samurai, Ames Civil War Calvary, Early 19th Century U.S. Eagle Head Officers Sword, KKK Organization Sword, WWII Nazi Germany Officers Swords, Ceremonial, and more….

WWII Nazi Germany Objects: (2) Nazi German Hitler Youth Knives, “RAD” Dagger, 1st Model Luftwaffe Daggers, Red Cross Dagger, Trench and Fighting Knives, Naval Dagger, Air Force Dagger, (2) S.A. Daggers, Helmets, Police Steel Chest Badge, Arm Bands, Flags, Patches, Medals, Tinnies, and more ….

Masks are Required, Social Distancing.    Kitchen will be CLOSED !


Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc.

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PA # AU – 000395-L  |  AH – 1919  |  EST. 1943

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