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Live Auction & Internet Auction

Gallery Auction

November 10, 2017

Auction starts at 3:00 p.m.

Bangor, PA

521 Richmond Rd.

Over 300 Lots

Gallery & Internet Auction



Public Auction


Firearms, Swords, Military Collectibles & More

Friday, November 10th

Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc.

3:00 Hundreds of Uncataloged items – Swords, Bayonets, Military Uniforms, Helmets & Much More

5:00 Cataloged Items – Many Winchesters 1886, 1894 & More


Preview: Wednesday, November 8th from 10am – 4pm

Thursday, November 9th from 10am – 5pm

Day of Sale 10am – 3pm


Winchesters: 1895 35WCF, model 1886 33, Winchester model 70 pre 64 338, Winchester 71 348, (2) 1892 25-20, (15) 1894’s, 1890 22 LR, Winchester 88  308, Winchester 61 22, Winchester 67A 22,

Modern Firearms: Savage National Match 22, Savage’s 99 30-30, 99E 308, 99 250 3000, 99 300 savage, Remington 7600 7mm – 08, Remington 7600 243 w/scope, Remington 141 35 cal., Marlin 336 35 Remington, marlin 39A 22, Marlin 27S 25-20, 387 .22, (3) Winchester Model 12  12ga; 1901 10 ga, Beretta S686 20 ga o/u, LeFever DBL, Fox Sterling Worth DBL 12 ga, LC Smith DBL 12 ga, Ithica DBL 12 ga, Remington 870’s & 1100’s, Remington DBL, Remington G.M.C Pump 12 ga, Remington 1899 DBL, Belgium Browning Light12, Ruger Single Six 22, (3) 50 Cal Inline Black Powder,

Long Guns: 18th Century English Flintlock Blunderbust, C.W. Remington Zouave, C.W. Merrill Carbine, C.W. Palmer Carbine, Remington Large Frame Split Breach, C.W. Joslyn, W&C Ogden NY Rifle, Russian 1937 Mosin Nagart, Joselyn Breech loading Carbine, M-1 Carbine, JH Johnson Half Stock Percussion Rifle, German WWII Flare Gun, US Springfield 1884 Trap Door 45/70, 1887 Enfield Martini Mark IV, 1840 Ames Artillery Sabre, Eickhorn Field Marshalls Sword, US Model 1840.

Over 15 Colts Including: 1878 Double Action, (2) Civil War Navy Pocket Rev. Colt Bisbey Rev, (2) Colt Lightning Da Rev. Colt model 1849, Colt 1911 SAA, Colt National  Match in Original Box (new), Colt Engraved New Line Rev.

Antique Revolvers /Derringers:   James Reid Knuckle Duster, (2) Remington C.W. SA Rev., Remington Elliot SS Derringer, Frank Wesson Watch Fob Derringer, Philadelphia Derringer Pistol, Manhattan Navy C.W. Rev., US North Model 1816 Flintlock Pistol.

German: (2) German 1939 Lugers, Broomhandle Mauser, Luftwaffe Daggers, Nazi Flags, Patches, Papers, Helmets & More.

Smalls & Military Items: Confederate Potts Bowie Knife, 19th Century Scimitar Type Sword, German Fireman’s Dagger,  Calway Sabre Tiffany & Co, Bayonet’s, Fighting Knives, 1852 Navy Sword, WW II German Fire police Helmet & others, Canteens, helmets, Uniforms, Military Patches, Medals, German WWII Banner, German WWII Army Officers Dagger w/hanger, Rob Klaas, Bear Rug, Caribou MT, Plus much more not listed

Terms: 15% Buyer’s Premium Cash or Check.  18% Credit Card or Bid On-line with Live Auctioneers

Hartzell’s Auction Gallery Inc.

521 Richmond Road, Bangor, PA 18013

610/588/5831   1-800-724-6808   FAX:  610/588/6206

PA # AU – 000395-L           AH – 1919                        EST. 1943


18% Buyer’s Premium w/discount for cash or check. Visa, M/C, Discover Accepted.


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521 Richmond Rd. Bangor, PA